4 Reasons Why a Wedding Photographer is Expensive (But Worth It!) / by John Saponara

How many times do you plan on getting married? Just the once, of course!

The wedding day is often the most important and fun day of someone’s life - an opportunity to tie the knot with his or her soulmate in front of people that they love and care about. It’s certainly a day to be cherished for the rest of your life. That’s why you’ll want a professional and experienced photographer to ensure that each magical moment is perfectly captured for eternity.

However, yes—we know wedding photographers can be rather pricey. But below are some reasons that they’re often worth every cent of their fee!

<h3>You Pay for Experience</h3>

While there may be some cheap photographers out there that claim they are ready to work at weddings, what happens if they make mistakes? It’s not like you can redo the wedding day to take new pictures. When you book an experienced wedding photographer, you are paying for a guarantee of timeless quality pictures. Images that capture every emotion that passes through your big day.

<h3>Your Paying for Production Time</h3>

Although your wedding photographer may spend six to eight hours with you on your wedding day, their work begins when the day is finished. They then have to carefully select, edit, and retouch your images before printing them out. There is a myriad of expert choices to be made when it comes to digital production of photographs. They also have to store your pictures carefully and sometimes upload them into exclusive online portfolios, all of which takes time and effort on their behalf.

<h3>Premium Photography Equipment is Expensive<h3>

Photographers pride themselves on using the best, well-maintained equipment to help you make memories on your big day. They shell out on cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, digital editing software, tripods, batteries, memory cards, and much more. All of this can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Then they have to ensure all equipment against theft and damage as they enter public events, another additional cost to their services.

<h3>They Have Business Expenses<h3>

Even if there is only one member of their photography team, it's still a commercial business, with all the costs that come along with this entity. This includes rent, postage, insurance, marketing and advertising, transport, storage, and a myriad of other minute details.

Regardless of the cost of your wedding photographer, take a good look at their portfolio before you book them and go with someone amicable, professional, and trustworthy.

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